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  • What kind of material are the glasses made of?

    De brillen zijn gemaakt van Polyamide. Het materiaal is Our glasses are made of Polyamide. This kind of material is rougher in texture and more precise than acetate. You will break your glasses less quickly. All our glasses are hypoallergenic and ISO 12870: 2012 tested

  • How much does the glasses weigh?

    The average weight of our glasses is only 15 grams.

  • Can I print these glasses with my own 3D printer?

    Je kunt het proberen, maar het is vrijwel onmogelijk om dezelfde gladheid, kleurvastheid en nauwkeurigheid te krijgen. Onze brillen worden door professionele SLS-printers geprint. Daarna worden ze gepolijst en gaan ze in een kleurbad.

    You can try it, but it's almost impossible to get the same smoothness, color fastness and accuracy. Our glasses are printed by a professional SLS printers. After this they are polished and colored.

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