Meet Roger Bacon

Perfectly fitted eyewear

Imagine a pair of glasses that seamlessly follows the shape of your face & style. A unique blend of comfort and timeless design. Fitted to perfection. Designed for the individual.

Perfection takes time and dedication
Every pair of glasses is made one at a time. To ensure each frame has the perfect fit, we carefully measure the face. This is where technology jumps in. A 3D-scan is made, which gives us the precise measurements of someone's face. With our app you can virtually try on every model in every color.

Quality over quantity
Our frames are crafted with precision and made from polyamide, a strong material that is lightweight and durable. With a lot of attention and a strong eye for detail, our Amsterdam based team of designers and makers assemble each frame by hand.

“"Extraordinary glasses that fit like
no other"”

Kool by Kool


01. Scan

A 3D biometric scan gives us the information we need to produce a 100% fitted frame.

02. Choose

Together with your customer choose from 27 different models in 10 colors

03. Fit

With our digital screen you can fit the eyewear in 3D.

04. Wear

Within 3 weeks the eyewear will produced, colored, personalized and delivered at your store.

Roger Bacon
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Roger Bacon is rapidly signing up new stores and is already active in The Netherlands, Belgium and the US.

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